Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seminar Nasional Entrepreneur With Open Source diselenggarakan oleh Sanata Dharma Open Source (SaOS)

Poster Seminar Nasional Entrepreneur in Open Source

Sanata Dharma Open Source(SaOS) yang merupakan Komunitas studi linux di Universitas Sanata Dharma akan mengadakan acara tahunan yaitu Seminar Nasional yang berjudul Entreprenuer With Open Source dengan tema Entreprenuership(Kewirausahaan). Pembicara dari seminar ini adalah Michael S. Sunggiardi. Beliau akan men-sharingkan pengalaman 18 tahun berkecimpung didunia Open Source, Konsep berwirausahaan menggunakan teknologi Open Source. Acara seminar ini akan diselenggarakan pada:
Sabtu, 16

Friday, October 11, 2013

Home Aloner

when i was a kid

        I'll start to tell my story since I was a child. From the title we know what that mean. Home alone ya. I just sit down at home, do everything at home. I just could interact just with my family and my neighbour who not live far of my house. I'm home aloner until my age is 12. ridiculous. So why didn't you just go out?. So this's the anwer. When I asked my mom “mom, may I go out?” or “mom, may I play football with my friend?” or "Dad, may i help you to feed the pigs?", They just said “no” or “