Thursday, April 17, 2014


Previous article, My wrote is about Prisoner. And now I wanna tell you about my friend. Yap my friend. My old friend who always give support, giving me a kicking on the ass, and give me a smile. I was proud being their friend.

We're the idiot. Sometime we're ugly and sometime we're genious. I meant genious for making the crazy thing. And i'm the one of asshole in the idiots. I don't know what actually the meaning of “IDIOT”. But we were fun when we were called the idionts. Fun? That's why we were called the idiots. and We called our Self “The Bronster”. 
The Bronster
That's our photo, except The Woman inside who was wearing green shirt, that's our teacher. The acronym of Bronster is “Brother and Sister”. We're brother and sister although sometime we have a problem each other. But we lived happyly, peacefully, dan idiotly. And this the result that we can get the best friend when we are in Senior High.