Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Asrama Putra (AZTRA) St. Agustinus Makale
Makale, Tana-Toraja, South Sulawesi
This the story when I was in Senior High. I continued my study in Makale Catholic Senior High, Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi. This was the first time I lived in the dorm. Exactly live far from family was such pathetic for home aloner like me. I lived with a strange person in different personality, different habit, and different philosophy of life.

The story of this part is like previous article “changed from wild into docile” which I lived in a wild situation, wild habit. I didn't know why, maybe because I was just Home Aloner who never got influenced from bad situation before. Yes, I have to adopt.

Firsty, it was really bad. Bad. Bad. I felt that dormitory was like a hell. We lived in a rule. In a damn system, that we were just a slave of the system. And sometime I guess, dormitory is like prison which avoid some people to get their right. Really, really bored. Living in this prison for 3 years is like a eagle
in the golden cage. You know that, eagle can't live in the cage, it needs a freedom to live.

But, eveything was changed when I met someone who felt the same with me. It's like i'm not the only prisoner. And finally I enjoyed this. Living in a limitation has it's cheerfully thing. I am you and you are me. We're brother. Brother who can feel the same with me. Brother who will be happy when I am happy and will cry when I'm crying. Brother who the same idiot as me. We share everything we have. Although, not all of them can share with me, just for some people. But I just thought that they haven't got their own way to live as brother. But they are still my brother.

And finally, I realized that this prison is not really a prison. A prison who teach me how to live as brother.

This is my word to my prison.

“Big thanks for you, my first dorm, you've made me as real humanity who live in sharing, who live as a brother. I've realized now how beatiful if we live in sharing. Sharing everything that we have. Sharing happiness and knowledge”.

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