Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Changed from Wild Into Docile

Nanba Mutta

Finally I got a time to share this post. Here I write this article in my beloved house. Ya I back home in this semester until i'm in 4th semester in University. now I felt quite free because there is no school duty. Being a screenager or robotic bookselves is such a bored. I'm a screenager but not for that damn busy duty.
Many story that have been created in 2013, I learn a lot being a jogja guy. So fun, but weird because it's totally different with my own hometown environtment. Cause it's such a wild, I remember when a little boy shout a bad
word to me when I was in senior high “just do this, son of a bitch!”. “How dare you!”. “make it fast bitch~”. Almost everyday I got that bad word on my face. At the beginning it's so hard to adopt with. Until finally I really enjoy this. “oh hell yeaa, i'm such a bitch”. Not really I meant. Wild situation where nobody want to hear me cause I'm minority. That's the first thing that made me want to leave in Jogja. Different situation, different guy, and different system. Why I said system? Cause what I looking for is education system. I hope the quilified system which good for me. So now I really felt that is good.
Stories that I made in Sanata Dharma until this semester really improve myself. Improving in IQ side. And sometime it's really bored when I just slave of the system so I join another activity that I hope it may improve my EQ. I like to sing so I join choir community. I like something new about operating another Operating System like GNU/Linux so I join in SaOS (Sanata Dharma Open Source) Community. Many story many event that make me feel improved, many smile, and many love that given by the friends. The friends who make us feel amazed although that's just a little thing. It's a smile. so now i'm cah jogja (Jogja guy) and still sola Makassar (Makassar guy). Thanks for reading mates. :)

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