Thursday, April 17, 2014


Previous article, My wrote is about Prisoner. And now I wanna tell you about my friend. Yap my friend. My old friend who always give support, giving me a kicking on the ass, and give me a smile. I was proud being their friend.

We're the idiot. Sometime we're ugly and sometime we're genious. I meant genious for making the crazy thing. And i'm the one of asshole in the idiots. I don't know what actually the meaning of “IDIOT”. But we were fun when we were called the idionts. Fun? That's why we were called the idiots. and We called our Self “The Bronster”. 
The Bronster
That's our photo, except The Woman inside who was wearing green shirt, that's our teacher. The acronym of Bronster is “Brother and Sister”. We're brother and sister although sometime we have a problem each other. But we lived happyly, peacefully, dan idiotly. And this the result that we can get the best friend when we are in Senior High.

Last week, in ICEE (International Centre of English Excellence) of Sanata Dharma, I was joined TKBI (Test Kemampuan Bahasa Inggris) Test or Something like English's Skill Testing. And there was one question who make me know what the meaning of IDIOT. 

So when the teacher asked me about “Describe about your self”.

My answer is “i'm an idiot”.

“Idiot? Why an idiot?”

“I realized being an idiot is important, why? because an idiot learn how to make a bad thing, how to make a mistake, how to make something false. Making bad thing is important, why I said important because by making a mistake or wrong we can learn how to reflex about what just happened, from the mistake we can make the situation to be good or better. So, I like for being an idiot”

“That's cool”, My teacher shouted to me.

So, this's what we did when we're in Senior High. Sometime we make the mistake. Not sometime Maybe always. Damn it. Ya but, we love to make a mistake. I have heard about some poetry, it saids “making many mistakes in the past and make it better in the future”.

It's heard cool huh?. That's not one statement of poetry. My friend told that to me. Sorry for lying. (Really an idiot :D).

and I believe, my idiot friend said the truth. 

So, now i'm still looking for someone or many person who idiot as me.

Thanks for reading this idiot article mates. See you in the next article :).

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