Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Home Aloner Part 2

rai keiji
This is another part of Home Aloner. At that time, i'm 14, so, as Home Aloner, this is normal for getting puberty, right?. But, I was not puberty completely. Because I was just a looser. Looser? Just read until the end.
Damn. this's the first time I know that “There is a girl love me”. Maybe you don't believe it. But you have to believe it because it's a true story. 100%. at that time because I was not completely puberty. So according to my philosophy, “that girl” is just a friend that try to complete her puberty or just want to have experience in love

What a damn philosophy!. 

She's pretty, sweety, and smarty. But really, I didn't give some attention to her. I was such no hearted man. I was such a robot. Because everything in my mind is just focus in studying. Ya you know, I was the slave of the system. I was such a robot, and the education system is the controller . I growth to be robotic bookselves. So certainly I didn't have a feeling like human as well. 

So, what do you think?
If you was me, what will you do? Do you confess your love to her although you don't love her? Because perhaps, you think there's no 2nd change.
Or maybe you just go away without any response to her, don't you?

I forgot, the news about she like me was heard with all my grade friends. My friends told me that we were matching. Because she or me were the same slave of the system. You know what I meant, smarty, genius, or something like that...
but all I do is last question. I didn't give any response. Such a looser right?. Because I was no hearted man. So I just... move.... leave her alone without any sureness. Half of my self said I was unresponsibility man but another half of my self said I was not unresponsibility man bacause she liked me and I didn't like her so it's normal if I just left her. 

I need a long time to realize what I did. Until finally, I conclude that what I did to her is wrong. I need to say sorry for all I did. For all this looser did. Someday I imagined, if I can leapt through time I gonna say sorry or did like a real men to her and I'ill say,”i won't choose you as my love because I don't feel anything about this, the theory that I know that love can't be forced, thanks for loving me, although you're not my girlfriend but you will be my part of life”. I am sure that statement will make it better.

So I give an advice to you. Just do what the best is. Don't make her of him to be hurt. Because i think if we make someone hurt now. Someday we gonna be hurted. Everything is gonna be okay if you're not a looser.
and by the way, minus 3 days is valentine day. So what will you do?. Are you try lo be looser or winner of someone's heart?

thanks for reading :)

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