Friday, October 11, 2013

Home Aloner

when i was a kid

        I'll start to tell my story since I was a child. From the title we know what that mean. Home alone ya. I just sit down at home, do everything at home. I just could interact just with my family and my neighbour who not live far of my house. I'm home aloner until my age is 12. ridiculous. So why didn't you just go out?. So this's the anwer. When I asked my mom “mom, may I go out?” or “mom, may I play football with my friend?” or "Dad, may i help you to feed the pigs?", They just said “no” or “
don't”.  There's a reason why my mom and dan always do that. Since I was a child, I was easy to get sick or it could be called “sensitive”. But I never ask to my parent why that's happened to me. That's was happened because I have low imun or body protection system or something like that. And this's normal if I got a sick every month. So, I had to consume medicine every month. So what do you think about me?. I was spoil Or I was been spoiled?. Honestly, I hate to be home aloner. I though everyone will feel the same. So what do you think about my parent ?. Are they wrong?. NO. Everything that they ever did is the best for me. They always patient with my act, always Taking care of me. Although I always complain with them. i meant you know what did you do when you were a kid. And after 12 years old, i could take it as a lesson. I could know “what do you feel when you're alone?” or “when I gonna be free?”. I guess, you know how to answer these question. So this's me. Home aloner. Thanks for reading. Here bellow the commentbox, you may comment for this article. See you in next article :).


  1. haha, I don't know what i will be if i'm alone at home for 12 years =D

  2. Putu : hahaha, are you feeling this my bro? :)
    Komang : apanya yang bikin ngakak mang? :D