Monday, June 30, 2014

My First Girlfriend and I

This story is about my first girlfriend. It's weird to tell a story about her. I start in loving person called “girl” when I was in senior high. But actually I take her for being my girlfriend because I like her, ya surely everydude will says the same. Actually, I take her because I want to have an experience  having a girlfriend. Almost all of my friend has girlfriend. One to one, one to many, I mean, being a playboy. And I guess being a playboy is like cattle farms in a breeding season.  I won't tell the reason. I never
become cattle farms but maybe it's fun. But every-fun-thing has its own consequent.

first time, I saw her from outside of class. She's cute exactly. Surely I like her from the performance.  I know her name from my friend. I supposed she was single cause she was looked alone. In other day I got her number phone. I texted her. then introduced my self. Tomorrow morning when I saw her from window, she gave her cute smile. Damn it, I just enchanted!. In a one of daily school, in break time I talk with her. Something important and something bullshit thing. But surely, I like to talk with her. 

I confess this feeling on saturday night. In our home when we were leaving the church. We walked together behind the street lamp. “I like you res, may I be your boyfriend?”. An innocentboy just tried being a man. “i like you too”. That's the most paintfull word in the world but I loved it. I through the day almost together. In a school break time or after school before I entered my dorm. 

I loved her from the bottom of heart. And that the worst choice I ever made in this life. Someday, she told me evething about her life. That was include about her another boyfriend. This was what she said

“ngel, I love you but i'm sorry I have another one, actually I love you more than him. But he is too kind to me. When I need some help about my finance he helped me. I just respect him”.

Being a normal guy, soonly I got anger to her. We broke up. I felt hurt for the first time. After that day, we never talked again. And that day, I don't want to meet her again. It's so long, I tried to reflex  about this relationship. I just awared that actually loving someone was not symbolized in a status, we love them purely from the bottom of our heart.

Thanks for reading mate. See you in the next article.

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