Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Previous article i told about My Firstgirlfriend and I and now i tell you something about goal. In 2010, exactly when we were in senior high school we had a study tour event. We went to Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. That was the first time I go to Yogyakarta. The situation is not like in my hometown, Makassar. So much crowded, but Jogja is so calm. I  was falling in love with Jogja for the first time and actually, I never have a dream to study in Jogja, but now i'm Jogjanese. The next schedule is going to Bali. Actually in Bali we don't have some education organization to be visited but we just use our time for having fun. Some places we visit is Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, Tanjung Benoa Beach, Uluwatu, and Bedugul Lake. In Tanjung Benoa, I met him. He is my old friend and my brother too. His name is Dody. He worked
as waitress in some cafe near Tanjung Benoa Beach. We talked everything about our self. 

“What your religion buddy?”, that was his first question.

I aswered “i'm chatolic, how about you my bro?”

“I'm Christian my bro, where do you come from?”

“I'm from Tana Toraja, I have a Study Tour travel here, i'm still student in a Senior high”

“emm..Tana Toraja, I ever heard that Tana Toraja is in Makassar right?”

“surely my bro”

“What's your hobby?”, he asked to me.

“I like to read manga and wacthing anime”

“Why do you like them?”, he asked me again.

“Because I like everything about Japan”

“Why do you like Japan?”, he was so much curious

“I guess, everything about Japan is cool. I Like Japan's cultural. I Like Japan's art”

“And the girls too, right?”, he guess what my idea in my head.

“Absolutly my bro”.

We Laughed. We just met but we felt like we ever seen each other before.  
“I Like Japan too”, so we have the same hobby.

We talked eveything in our head until he said some stetement to me. 
“I want to introduce them about The Love of God..”

I never guess what an idea in his head but i'm so much admire with him.
“That's so much awesome my bro”

“Yeah, I want to be missionary and The Country that I want to visit is Japan. Now, I learn Japanese language.”

“Very awesome my bro. I'm so glad to know people like you. Someday, I want to go Japan too. But that's just a travel my bro”

“Sure my bro, this's one of my way to go Japan. I work here to earn some money. I save this finance for Japan”

we don't have much time to talk. Because my study tour group will go to next places. Before I left him. We share our email. Because it's so rare to find someone like him. 

“Keep in touch my bro”, I shouted to him.

“sure my bro”

After we back to Tana Toraja. I still contact him from Facebook. Sometime I commented or liked his Facebook status. From him I learn something that everyone has their own destination. Although it's wrong or right. We have to focus with it. I really don't want to tell about believe here but all i told is about goal. Thanks for reading my mates. See you in the next article.

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