Wednesday, September 10, 2014

my ex-girlfriend's revenge

It's not about my role, but it's about my ex girlfriend. She was my 2nd ex girlfriend. I've talked about my 1st ex girlfriend in previous article. You can click this link.

I won't tell about her name or her identity. All I want to tell is about her characteristic and her vision for getting status as my girlfriend.

She was my junior. I knew her because she was famous between the girls in my school. She was still 1st year in school. She was cute with her short hair. Her skin was dark. That's why I called her “Sweety in the Dark”. Many students talked about her feeling to me. Ya, she liked me. And I couldn't believe that because I didn't give some special attention to her. And I was just simple, and certainly I wasn't a kind of fashionista.

One week after the school's orientation was over. I want to know more about her feeling.
“do you like me?”, asked me.


“why do you like me?”

“i don't know why I like you, but you're cool”

“i guess, I'm just simple”

We laughed. And that's the most pathetic laughing in the world, because she had another plan. As a boy, I won't just stand up in front of her. I guess I should be gentle or something like that. Finally, I replied her feeling with this statement.
“wanna be my girlfriend?”

she answered. “sure”.

So much pathetic, we just had one week relationship. I never take her in a dinner. Or doing something that the couple always do. And the time was coming.
“i'm sorry, we break up”

“why? That was so suddenly”

“because I just though you as my big brother not as my boyfriend. But we still a friend right?”

“hell ya”

actually that wasn't left any pain in my heart. Just one week, there was no impression. One week later, I knew something from my friend, he said that she did this because she ever love sick with someone and the boy do the same as she did to me.

I reflected. Does she feel proud?
Does she feel happy?
Logically, she can feel proud or happy or satisfied because she ever revenge an attitude which really hurt her heart to a boy like me.
The answer is NO.
because I didn't feel any sad.
There is no impression in this relationship.

And what kind of is it?

Sure, it's a teenage love.

But not really a teenage love. Teenage love is a relationship between 2 couple who is still in teenager that want to learn how make a qualified relationship. And someday there's a time to continue the relationship in a marriage. So I want to suggest for all my brother and sister who ever got a situation or experience like me, you don't need to revenge any bad attitude from your ex girlfriend. All you need to do is reflecting. Reflecting every bad or good thing he or she ever did to you. Don't do the bad thing and do the good thing. Everything is experience. And we can learn something from it, right?. That's all today readers. Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.



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