Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Pure Love of My Ex-Girl Friend

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Hello the capabillityact reader. It's a long time no to touch you all. It's been 4 months since I write the last article. So, how are you going there?

So, this the next story of article my ex-girl friend's revenge. Now I tell you about another my ex's love. Our relationship was lived when we were in senior high. she was my another fan. It's like another story, before I confess my love, I was already knew that she loved me. Since she accepted me as her boyfriend we met each other just twice. Because we have lone distance relationship so we can't anything else except touching via SMS or Facebook or just calling her phone number. We just met when we have a holiday.

And the weird thing is I accepted her as my girlfriend when I really didn't know who she was. Sure, I didn't know her physical appearance or her character. I just knew that she is a girl. And there's a rumor that she is cute and sometime she was famous in her school. She had many fans because of her cute. I trusted it when I looked her facebook profile photo. She is looked like chinese girl but actually not. 

Our relationship ran for 1 year and 2 months. And really, this's a long long time for having a LDR (Long Distance Relationship). It's Long Distance Relationship and it's done by 2 teenagers. One of
teenager is unstable person and that's me. Why i said that? Because I was not unconsidered person. when I confessed my feeling, I just confused why I should take her as my strange girlfriend. Yeah, What kind of relationship it was!. 

But lately, I realized my feeling was growth. I trusted her. When I called her, I hear her heartfelt voice. I could feel every word that I heard in my ears. She really spoke by her heart. I can's explain. But that was very deeply feeling in girl's heart.

I trusted that she love me. I trust her word that sometime say “hey baby, I miss you” or “hey honey, I am wearing a red cloth are you wearing red clothe too?”.

We didn't have many time to contact via phone or internet access. Because of my dormitory regulation so I could contact her between 6.00 PM until 8.00 PM. I called her in every weekend and sometime in another day between monday and friday. Yeah, I just want to know what she was doing right now and how her study running there. 

And I realized that I miss her. And my love was growth. 

I enjoyed this relation but after than I realized we couldn't be together again. Sometime we have a very busy time so we just have a very short time to contact each other. 

But I was not ready with that situation. Sometime I didn't understand her busy thing. So sometime I became a troublemaker. I wanted her to understand me but I didn't understand her. Sometime we have very serious problem so we broke up each other. But when the problem solved, we back in relation again. 

And finally, our relation was end when I explain to her that I was not ready. We have many limitation and it was a obstacle for childish boy like me. But I've got many lesson from this relation. 

Sometime we have to trust someone although we have long time distance. Because they trust us. We can feel their heart by hearing their voice. How strong we can feel their heart depand on how deep we can hear their voice. 

See you again in the next article. Thanks for reading :).

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